Monday, 11 July 2011

Has TSA lightened it's security measures or is Logan just crap?

I've got airport security down to a science now. It's a shame that there aren't time trials on how quickly one can get their little plastic baggie of liquids and lotions out, take out the laptop, take off any jackets or jumpers, take off shoes and arrange these items along with whatever is left in the carry-on bag on the conveyor belt. I'm quite speedy at this required ritual.

This morning I only had half a brain when I was packing up my overnight bag, as the other half of my brain had been eaten by several drinks the night before. I gathered all the lotions and liquids that I wanted for freshening up on the plane before it lands in Heathrow tomorrow and threw it in the little plastic baggie, which I then placed in my handbag. Then Khrisslyn suggested I take the complimentary hotel lotion with me since I liked it so much, so I tossed that in my handbag with the intention of putting it in the little plastic baggie later. Just before leaving we did a quick sweep of the room and found my shampoo, conditioner and razor in the shower, so I tossed them into my handbag along with the lotion and out of the room we went.

I said my goodbyes, got in the rental car and drove to Salem where I had lovely day shopping, sitting by the shore and basically recharging my spiritual battery. I bought a small votive candle while there and in it went to my handbag.

From Salem I returned the car, checked in and did my security disrobe ritual in record time. It was while I was waiting my turn for the delightful body scan that I remembered everything in my handbag that wasn't in the little plastic baggie and also worried that they would throw away my razor (it's a nice razor).

But none of that happened. My bags came out the other side with no issues. I reassembled everything (I did that in record time as well) and made my way to the gate.

And so, I got through security without properly packaging shampoo, conditioner and lotion in the little plastic baggie. I had a razor in my handbag, which could have been made into a weapon. I also had candle that could have very been a bomb of some sort and to top it all off I later discovered that I had a lighter.

I suppose I could take a relaxing candle-lit bath on the plane if I fancied, but I'd have to use the little sink in the toilet.