Thursday, 29 January 2009

Too Much Telly

Yes it's true, I've been watching far too much telly lately. Mostly I'm watching it while I work. Last night it was while I typed up 24 Things. Tonight, I'm working, cleaning and it's just on in the background to keep me company.

And for the first time, I saw this add. I had to find it and post it to share with all you all who don't live over here and thus are missing out.


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

25 Things You Might Not Have Known

I got tagged to do this three times on Facebook, so I decided to write it here on my blog and then it will upload to Facebook and I will tag away.

The directions are that you write 25 random things about yourself and then tag 25 people to do the same...

1. I'm an American, but I teach English in England.
2. I was born in Minnesota, spent my childhood growing up in Michigan and my adulthood growing up in Seattle, but it wasn't until I moved to England that I went to Switzerland and learnt how to downhill ski. Love it and have skied every season since.
3. I fall over, bump into something, or knock something over every day...yes every day.
4. I've been hit by cars twice- once when I was 11 and once when I was 21. I was very lucky and only received small scrapes both times, but my bicycle was not so lucky the second time. It was destroyed.
5. I've walked along the Great Wall and then left it via a cable swing thingy- it was quite a thrill.
6. Every man I've ever dated since I was 20 has either been some type of artist or musician or both. I don't seek them out, I swear!
7. I'm terrified of dark enclosed places like closets or basements. I have been ever since my Aunt Julie locked me in the basement when I was 3 after allowing me to watch 'Night Gallery'.
8. I'm the Narrator on the American version of the CD Rom Little Bridge. Once it comes out that is. We're still waiting for that, but at least I've been paid.
9. I'm beginning to think I might be rather dull as I'm only on 9 and am wondering how the hell I am going to think of 16 other things. Hey, I know. I can add!
10. From August to November I lost 14.2% of my body weight and gained £350 in our work's "Biggest Loser" contest.
11. From November until now I've gained about 9% of my body weight back. Look, not only can I add but I can also figure percentage.
12. I lived in Mexico for two years, travelled to many different places within Mexico, but never made it to Mexico City.
13. I sang in regular choir, jazz choir, church youth choir and madrigals. I also took vocal music lessons for 3 years and went to a 'vocal music camp' 2 summers in a row. I played piano from the age of 8 until 14 and also played flute. Now I have a keyboard in the corner of my flat that I haven't touched in 3 years. I still have a a deep appreciation for and a very diverse taste in music.
14. I've met the band Wilco and had a bit of a drunken conversation with Jeff Tweedy. He's nice.
15. When I was 9 my father refused to let me leave the table until I had eaten my Brussels sprouts. I sat there for 2 1/2 hours and then my mother sent me to my room Brussles sprouts untouched on my plate.
16. I had a cat, China, for 8 years when I was Seattle. I was constantly getting sick during this time. Then I moved to Mexico and discovered I was allergic to cats.
17. Russel Brand and Barack Obama are following me on Twitter. I don't know if that's creepy or cool. I'll go with cool.
18. My knees are scarred from falling off my skateboards, roller skates, bikes and out of trees when I was young.
19. I've been brainwashed by my boyfriend into becoming an Arsenal supporter. In fact as I type this I'm watching Sky Sports 1 to keep tabs on the game since it isn't televised tonight. They are losing 1-0 with only a few minutes left. No, my boyfriend isn't here. I'm watching because I want to and yes if we spilt up I'd still support Arsenal.
20. I called myself a Sonics fan but didn't realise they had left Seattle until I went back this past December. Screw the Sonics! (This also shows you how much I don't pay attention to pro basketball now that I live over here)
21. Arsenal just scored making it 1-1. In fact now that's the final score. I'm relieved.
22. I'm in the process of getting my UK Permanet Leave to Remain. In one year I'll be dual-citizen. (fingers crossed)
23. I set alarms on my mobile to remind of things. Everyday I am reminded when it's near time to leave for work and near time to leave for home. I don't really need those reminders, but they're comforting somehow. I also have them set to take out my rubbish or recycling or water my plants, etc. (I do need those ones at times)
24. I have horrible luck with cars. Not just being hit by them, but when I'm driving them. It's never my fault, I swear-and I've witnesses who will agree that it is never my fault. I no longer own a car. Don't really need to living here. I find not owning a car amazingly liberating and safer for me and others.
25. I tend to be distracted by my reflection. It's not a vanity thing but more like I need to make sure that's really me or that I'm really here. I annoy myself with this so I can only imagine how others feel.

YAY!!! I got to 25 and it only took me all freaking night! I'm going to bed and once this uploads to Facebook, I'll tag people. :-)

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Gettin' Dirty and Stayin' Safe

On a lunch break from an incredibly busy day, so did my usual Facebook check. My friend, Marianne, posted this hilarious condom advertisement.

I was rolling and very watchful for students or prudent staff.
(Is it wrong that this advert turned me on a bit?)

And then I found the outtakes... and I was rolling even more.

Unfortunately the embedding for the last outtake was disabled, so you'll just have to go to YouTube and see it yourself

And now I'm back to teaching my young pre-teen innocents. What a dirty teacher they have!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


And today
After 8 years
The White House magnet
Purchased for me by my old flatmate in Seattle
And travelling with me to Mexico
Then here, to the UK
Has finally
Been turned the
Right side up.

For the first time in 8 years I have real hope for US.


Sunday, 18 January 2009

Through the Eyes of 3 Year Old

Kim and Andrew's daughter, Lila, took this picture of me with my mobile at Em's birthday party in September. I just came across it as I was trolling through the gallery.

I think lil' Miss Lila might have some talent. It's now my Facebook profile pic and I just may use it here as well.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Is No News Good News or Is It Good News That There Is No News?

I've noticed that I tend to blog less these days. I've also noticed that other people whose blogs I follow have also been blogging less as well. I'm not entirely certain about them, but my reason for for the lack of posts is that there hasn't really been anything 'blog worthy' to report.

Overall things are good. Can't complain. No boyfriends vanishing, no getting shouted at in the middle of the night by my bitch-of-a-neighbour downstairs, no mysterious rash making me look like a raccoon, etc. Nope things are generally going well.

Dammit, I have no material!

Perhaps that's not a bad thing. Although, I have missed blogging in the past 2 weeks, I must admit.

I'm back in London now and have been for the last 2 weeks. Here are some exciting highlights from my life during that time.

- Shopped and shopped and shopped some more in Seattle. I don't know why the economy's so horrid. Surely the amount of money I spent alone should have brought it around.

- Have lovely new US driver's license with picture that makes me look like a 'soccer mom'.

- Met Todd for coffee and had lovely chat. I officially approve of him, Rae. You may marry him now.

- Julia used her usual culinary brilliance and hosted a soup party. It could have also been a 'dog party' too, as at one point there were four dogs froilicing about. The party was lovely and filling and I was able to catch up with friends I had not yet seen, among them were Davina and Lisa. I ended up staying the night there and so did Davina. We were like little girls at a sleepover.

- Left Julia and went to stay with Tania. We went to the Connor Byrne to ring it in. (I wonder if all the time I spent at pubs like this in Seattle was an impetus for my move to England) Katie came along, so I got to see her. Tania's friends Erin and James and others, whose names I've forgotten, were also there.

- Rented 'Death at a Funeral' and 'Hot Fuzz' (if you haven't noticed from what I call my comment links I love 'Hot Fuzz'), ordered some Thai with Tania, Katie, Chris (who had to leave as he was quite ill) and Phun. I thought it was completely ironic that I went to Seattle to rent two British films. 'Death at a Funeral' was quite good.

- Left on the 2nd to head back home to London. After about 24 hours, thanks to delays and rebooking on different flights, I was home in my flat.

- Work, work, jet-lag, work, work, jet-lag, work, work, work, sleep when I could.

- Went to an Arsenal game with J- the weekend after my return. Cold, cold, cold. (There's more to this story that just might make a rather humorous entry- Ah Ha! Material!!!) They won (thank God), so I've been told I'm allowed to return to Emirates.

- Began the process to being granted 'permanent leave to remain'. Have to get US Passport renewed first. Now have the world's ugliest passport photo.

That's about it really. I'm looking forward to Tuesday and plan on having people over to watch the transfer of power. I will then take my Whitehouse magnet, which has been upside down for eight years, and turn it right-side up.

So that's two weeks of me for you.

No news isn't necessarily good news. No news is just no news.