Saturday, 17 January 2009

Is No News Good News or Is It Good News That There Is No News?

I've noticed that I tend to blog less these days. I've also noticed that other people whose blogs I follow have also been blogging less as well. I'm not entirely certain about them, but my reason for for the lack of posts is that there hasn't really been anything 'blog worthy' to report.

Overall things are good. Can't complain. No boyfriends vanishing, no getting shouted at in the middle of the night by my bitch-of-a-neighbour downstairs, no mysterious rash making me look like a raccoon, etc. Nope things are generally going well.

Dammit, I have no material!

Perhaps that's not a bad thing. Although, I have missed blogging in the past 2 weeks, I must admit.

I'm back in London now and have been for the last 2 weeks. Here are some exciting highlights from my life during that time.

- Shopped and shopped and shopped some more in Seattle. I don't know why the economy's so horrid. Surely the amount of money I spent alone should have brought it around.

- Have lovely new US driver's license with picture that makes me look like a 'soccer mom'.

- Met Todd for coffee and had lovely chat. I officially approve of him, Rae. You may marry him now.

- Julia used her usual culinary brilliance and hosted a soup party. It could have also been a 'dog party' too, as at one point there were four dogs froilicing about. The party was lovely and filling and I was able to catch up with friends I had not yet seen, among them were Davina and Lisa. I ended up staying the night there and so did Davina. We were like little girls at a sleepover.

- Left Julia and went to stay with Tania. We went to the Connor Byrne to ring it in. (I wonder if all the time I spent at pubs like this in Seattle was an impetus for my move to England) Katie came along, so I got to see her. Tania's friends Erin and James and others, whose names I've forgotten, were also there.

- Rented 'Death at a Funeral' and 'Hot Fuzz' (if you haven't noticed from what I call my comment links I love 'Hot Fuzz'), ordered some Thai with Tania, Katie, Chris (who had to leave as he was quite ill) and Phun. I thought it was completely ironic that I went to Seattle to rent two British films. 'Death at a Funeral' was quite good.

- Left on the 2nd to head back home to London. After about 24 hours, thanks to delays and rebooking on different flights, I was home in my flat.

- Work, work, jet-lag, work, work, jet-lag, work, work, work, sleep when I could.

- Went to an Arsenal game with J- the weekend after my return. Cold, cold, cold. (There's more to this story that just might make a rather humorous entry- Ah Ha! Material!!!) They won (thank God), so I've been told I'm allowed to return to Emirates.

- Began the process to being granted 'permanent leave to remain'. Have to get US Passport renewed first. Now have the world's ugliest passport photo.

That's about it really. I'm looking forward to Tuesday and plan on having people over to watch the transfer of power. I will then take my Whitehouse magnet, which has been upside down for eight years, and turn it right-side up.

So that's two weeks of me for you.

No news isn't necessarily good news. No news is just no news.


Raechelle said...

Thank you so much for your blessing, ~H. ;-)

Also, doesn't the guy in "Death at a Funeral" (Rupert Graves)look like Steve? I told Steve that. He wasn't flattered. So let's just keep it between us....

Heather said...

Hehehehe....yeah we said that when we saw the film