Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Why Worry?

I just spent the last four days (more or less) with J-. :-) All weird worries, feelings, etc. have dissipated. He got quite ill, however, which is why he stayed as long as he did, and I had to deal with a bit of 'man-flu'. I'll be seeing him Thursday and I've Friday off.

Oh deary me, I do like this man.

And I used the b-word and he used the g-word. Well, no I didn't actually say the word 'boyfriend'. To be honest I have a difficult time saying it, but I copped to it. On Friday, the bouncers of the club we were at jokingly pushed him outside the ropes because he supports Arsenal. One of the bouncers turned to me and in front of J- asked, "Is this your boyfriend?"

"Yes," I replied.

He pointed to the club. "Then you should go in there and find yourself a new one."

On Sunday, J- convinced me to upgrade my cable package (he's paying for it) so he could watch sports as well as other channels I didn't have since he is here so much. On the phone to my provider he said, "Actually, it's my girlfriend's cable."

We spoke a bit of things between us, clarified things, and I'm back to feeling happy with this whole thing once again. It's the distance that drives me nuts. Literally, it drives me nuts. My imagination goes a bit haywire. I just think too much. Something I've been told a myriad of times.

I think I'm going to return to keeping quiet about my feelings surrounding this again. It has been good for me to virtually vent, but he has no idea that I blog. I think it's just best if I return to writing about abstract things that strike me funny or entertaining occurrences in my life.

Again thank you for reading.

One more thing (as Columbo would say), I went to a Georgian masquerade ball this weekend for Khrisslyn's hen-do. I'll post some pics when I get a chance.


TD said...

Glad to hear it's back to clicking for you two again. :)

Heather said...

Thanks! :-)


Dont worry, please!