Monday, 11 June 2012

Just when I was thinking of quitting…

Last week was not a good week for me.  In fact I would have to say that it was perhaps the worst week of my teaching career; good thing it was only a three day week.  On the Friday I found myself in my assistant principal's office threatening to "fucking quit" right there and then.  Probably not my finest moment as a "teacher leader", but I do believe it got my point across. 

So we are now in the final stretch.  Just five more days with students and then two more days to 'post plan'.  Somehow I need to mark the projects that are still being handed in (seventy left) and calculate final grades by Wednesday afternoon.  Hahahahahahahahaha

Of course at this point you're wondering, "Well, if you have so much work to do, why are you blogging?  Shouldn't you be working?" 

And to that I reply, "Fuck off, it's my lunch (half) hour and I deserve some time to vent on-line before I work well into the evening."

I rather like the F bomb lately.  However, don't worry. I'm not saying it to my students-at least not intentionally- but I digress.

I came in to school this morning determined to have a better attitude and to just suck up and deal for the next seven work days.  It worked for a bit, but I still was running a list of other career opportunities in my head.

And then I received this email from a parent:

Hi Ms. M---I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you did for XXX this year---in and out of class.  He really enjoyed you as a teacher, and I know it was your positive attitude and encouragement!

This is an excerpt from a note I sent to Ms. XXXX
(my principal) :

"Dear Ms. XXXX:

I wanted to take a minute to pass along our appreciation for a few special teachers in our Middle School students' lives this year.  Their other teachers are amazing, too, but we think that special relationship that develops with some teachers in support of their students is extremely important ...

That being said, I will also express our thoughts to the teachers directly, but please know that we especially thank:   ...

Ms. M for her straightforward, respectful, yet nurturing style of teaching---always expecting the best of XXX, but hanging tough when she thinks he can deliver more, and encouraging him to maintain his effort.


Thanks, Ms. M!  XXX'x sister is looking forward to meeting you next year! 

I then remembered why I kill myself in this job.  It's not for the outrageously high pay (hahahaha) or long luxurious holidays (that I work through or take courses during).  It is for the kids, our future, and despite all this crap, it is worth it at the end of the day.

So, if you're a parent of a student with teachers who have made a positive difference on him or her over this academic year, take a moment to send those teachers a quick email showing appreciation of their hard work.  I promise you they have probably been thinking of quitting too.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled workload.


Tom Anderson said...

Hey Ms. Martin!
Long time no see! I am working four days a week now, as a LIBRARIAN in a pre-k through
8th grade private school, and loving the time with the kids! Adults can still drive me batty, but hey, now I am on Summer vacation!
Hang in there, Mr. (Tom) Anderson

H~ said...

Hey Tom!
Good to hear from you! Hope you're enjoying the summer holidays as much as I am!

icescreammama said...

Teachers are the best, especially when they incorporate the F word into class. It's the English language people. Move to New York and you'll hear it all the time.

Seriously though, teachers are the best.