Sunday, 11 March 2018

My Donald Trump Diet

No, I'm not going to be eating Cheesburgers in my bed, but Donald Trump is the primaray motivation for the diet that I intend on following from now until the first of December, 2018.

First let's begin with the rules:
While I am in the United Kingdom I will not knowinly consume the following things:
-Food containing refined sugar or added fructose
(energy gels, etc. during long cycles okay, but no cake)
-White flour
-Dairy (with the exception of a small amount of milk in my one cup of coffee)

While I am in the United Kingdom I must do the following things:
-Drink 64 fluid ounces of water a day
-Accumulate no less than 70,000 steps a week
-Exercise 4 times a week
-Only drink one cup of coffee a day

My escape clause:
I am allowed one cheat day (24 hours) a month. However, on months when I am travelling outside of the United Kingdom, I am not allowed any cheat days, but I must still do my best to stick to my step goal, drink water, and eat sensibly when travelling outside the UK. Exercise and step goals still apply for cheat days duing months when I don't travel. Also, I'm allowed 8 cheat days in May (it's my big birthday month-I get to enjoy it a bit).

Where does Donald Trum come in?
If I break the rules of my diet, I need to donate £300 to the Trump fund. The thought of doing that is enough to ruin my appetite.

Let's see how this goes!

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