Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Getting on with it...

I've been in a bit of a funk for...well a while really. I'd like to pigeon hole it and say that it's due to my friend's self-inflected tragedy at the beginning of this month, but I know that it started well before that. Since I've been back to the UK I've been uncharacteristically anti-social, and in truth I think this darkish mood began before I went to the US this summer. It's gotten so that people have made a few comments to me. Well, damn it I've decided that ends now. I'm getting back to my outgoing ways-going to events and having people over. I'm not going to meet anyone new sitting at home alone being a sorry sack am I? Time to get back to who I used to be.

However, having people over does mean I need to clean my flat. Shit! Better do that now.

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Steve said...

Hey, cheer the hell up!

(Did that work?)

Do you think the weather and lack of daylight has anything to do with your sour mood? asked the Seattleite.

And don't you think it's funny how some people can go without seeing their own mess until they realize that other people will be seeing it too?

I'm going to go do dishes now.

Heather said...


No it's actually been sunny over here and was sunny when I was visiting you all as well.

Linds told me that she's noticed this since last Feb. Yikes!

I'm feeling better though now that I'm getting my ass out there more.