Monday, 29 September 2008

I'm Voting Republican

I'm actually going through writer's block, but came across this on YouTube and thought I'd post it. I'm sure most of you have probably seen it before.

Bet you can't guess how I'm really gonna vote, huh?

In case you're confused allow me to clarify.

Not that I've been a lifelong Republican or even one for 10 seconds.

The internet is up and running at Chez H. So hopefully this bout will go and I'll be my witty ol' writing-too-much for my own self soon.

As an aside, I've lost 16 pounds (granted I probably put 5 or 6 on before this competition began, but I'm pleased nonetheless)

I'll get back to that Cars and Boys Blog soon too as soon as this writer's block rash clears.


Dave said...

Your old friends Ann and Nancy from Seattle are voting Republican too!

Heather said...

Oh Dave, thank you! Where was this published. Well done to Heart!

Nouveau Chef said...

YIKES - you scared me! That was extremely funny!