Saturday, 24 April 2010

You're kidding right?

There's about to be a historic election in Britain, thousands of people are still stranded and trying to get home thanks to last week's ashcolypse and yet this is what the Daily Mail has as its front page story:

With everything else in the world the Daily Mail has decided that wheelie bins are the enemy of everyday families. Not financial ruin due to unethical business practices of certain lending and investing institutions, but wheelie bins. God forbid you have to put yourself out by separating your rubbish and then put the bins in front of your house one day a week! Surely this is an infringement on our civil liberties!!!

This is an ongoing assault that the Mail has launched against a necessary recycling scheme. As usual instead of reporting real news that is going on in the world, the Daily Mail is furthering their right-wing political agenda. Fortunately for the Mail a majority of their readers are simple minded consumers who believe whatever crap the Mail tells them is important or true. Unfortunately for the rest of us there are far too many readers who take the Daily Mail seriously.

Okay rant over. Back to packing up my flat.

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Robert L Pace said...

Had no clue the UK was so backward. We 'colonists' have been sorting, recycling and sending our 'wheelies' to the curbs for 25 years or more in most locations.

Clearly we were early victims of the 'garbage cabal' and were too innocent to see it. Now we are hopelessly enmeshed in the nefarious cleaner planet scheme. Mores the pity for us, what?