Thursday, 20 December 2007

Mother Knows Best

Ahhhh procrastination. I'm meant to leave my flat bright and early to make my flight to the US. I've not packed, my house is a sty, and I'm about to blog...

This week I made good on my threat to my old childhood friend, Scott, and posted prom pics from my Senior Prom. While I was looking for these pictures, I came across a rather humorous poem my mother had written for me warning against being too mischievous while she, my father and younger brother had gone off on holiday (I don't remember to where) for about 5 days. This was when I was 17. I had a summer job, so I had to stay behind. I've obviously thought it worthy of keeping these last 20 years.

To Heather
We've gone and left you on your own.
The car, the house, and you alone.

The prospect gives us quite a chill.
We hope our worries come to nill.

We know that while we're all away,
The tendency will be to play.

It's surely true, so don't deny it.
But if it's wrong, please don't you try it.

If friends should drink, don't let them drive.
They'll be more fun when they're alive!

We know you're cautious and you're smart,
But if anything happens to you all three
of us will have a broken heart!
(This doesn't fit, but it's true)

Now Kirsten has agreed to stay,
So we'll feel better while away.

She's a real friend, I think you know it.
Go ahead and have fun, but just don't "blow" it!!


PS Remember that the furniture is new.
The first spill should be us not you.

So, I had an amazing party. On the back of this poem is a party game my boyfriend (whoever was the flavour of the month-I don't even remember his name) and his friends made up. They gave people nicknames and made a key for O.O.C. (out of control) behaviour. The daughter of one of my teachers, who they nicknamed 'Marker Monster', won hands down when she vomited on my parents' bedroom.

All was cleaned up by the time my parents and brother arrived home. However, my father knew we had a party. Kirsten and I had disposed of the garbage by taking it to a dumpster, but we did it before the garbage pick up day. Thus, my dad knew we were hiding something. I didn't get in trouble though, not that time.

Back to packing and cleaning.

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