Monday, 18 February 2008

Roller Coaster

My friend Steph stopped by for a night on her way to Copenhagen. We had a lovely catch up. And, despite a comedy of errors she made it off this morning and arrived safely. She will be returning next Saturday. Yay!!!

M-'s band is playing tomorrow. I found out by the Facebook Newsfeed, not by him. We're meant to be friends, and he knows how much I want to see his band as they weren't gigging while we were together. He and I had been actually hanging out outside of work and getting on as friends quite well up until my mid-winter break, so I'm a bit bummed that he's neglected to mention this gig to me. He had plenty of opportunity to do so at work today as well, and I'll be dammed if I'm going to chase him down and bring it up. I'm convinced that this slight is girl induced, which is silly since I'd be happy if he was seeing someone. I am (well kinda-that's something I think best not to blog about) I kind of feel like smacking him upside his bald head, but it's not worth the energy it would take. Boo!!!

The ski trip was fantabulous and free! The discipline problems from students were relatively minor in comparison to the discipline problems from some adults (not associated with ACS I hasten to add) who were staying at the chalet. I will post another blog soon about parts of it complete with pictures. Yay!!!

I'm ill. It's amazing how much snot your head can hold. I am continuously blowing my nose, and it doesn't seem to make a dent. Yeah that was gross. Sorry, but it's true. Boo!!!

I do like roller coasters, but not like this.

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