Sunday, 24 February 2008

Skiiiiiiiiiing part 2

I promised pics of the skiing trip, so here they are. Of course if you are one of the people who read my blog through imported facebook notes, then these photos are not going to show up. They are in a FB photo album, however.

These first three pictures were created by me 'stitching' pictures together to create a panoramic view. I love that feature of my camera. These were all taken at the top of Mont Fort. Here is the full piste map. You will notice Mont Fort is the highest point. No, I did not ski the black run down. It was incredibly scary looking and almost entirely moguls. I'm just an ok skier. I was classified at the 'Intermediate Advanced' level by one of the instructors working with our students. He also made certain to stress to me that I didn't have 'the skills' to ski down from Mont Fort. I don't really have a death wish, so I took his advice.

That lovely woman is me, of course. However, I pale in comparison to the natural beauty surrounding me.

That's the cable car I took up to the top. If you really look you can see where it starts. This cable car was HUGE in reality. It was at least the size of my living room. We were all crammed in like sardines, about 80 people I'm guessing.

This next picture is a picture of the preparation of Raclette. It's a native Swiss dish where the top layer of the cheese wheel is melted and then scraped off to go on the side, or on top of, various dried meats, potatoes, pickles and pickled onions. You begin with a small dish and then go back for more. It winds up being quite filling, but then again I had three servings. The cheese is a bit stinky, but delicious.

It was a great trip really. I'm hoping I'm chosen to chaperone next year.

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