Sunday, 20 September 2009

How Twitter Ruined My Blog

It's Twitter's fault.


Nothing to do with me being super busy or too exhausted from thinking and reading and writing for a living to actually write about my life.

No it's all Twitter's fault for my lack of blogs. Why? Well...

Every time I have a thought or two that could possibly be a blog I tweet about it in 140 characters. It's like micro-blogging. Then my desire to tell the whole story, although the whole story with my embellishment might actually make you laugh or chuckle a bit more than my tweet, is diminished. And, I go on with my life and have more thoughts which become more tweets and the cycle continues.

Remember, I'm always thinking. Sometimes even my tweets can't keep up with my brain, but I digress.

This doesn't mean that I don't have some damn good ideas for blogs or stories for "My Luck with Cars and Boys". I have at least 3 half finished pieces that are definitely blog worthy at the very least. However when I sit down (like now) after a day of thinking and reading and writing for work to blog, I find myself zapped of the energy to complete them. Twitter, on the other hand, takes little to no energy.

And now, I also blame my new toy. You may remember that I mentioned in my post about my MacBook how I just needed one more toy to make my technological life perfect. Well, I now have that toy. Here is a pic of a dishevelled, make-up free me (after a day of thinking and reading and writing for work) with my new toy.

Yes, that's an iPhone. And it has TweetDeck on it. So, now my twittering has become even easier. You'd think I'd use it to blog and maybe I will. I'll probably even start to AudioBoo regularly...eventually. So who knows. Maybe I'll revert to my habits of regularly blogging...maybe.

Until then if you're not on Twitter, you can look to the right of this page to see what I've just tweeted.

And now I'm back to thinking and reading and writing for work before I head to bed.


Jason said...

Nice work! I am tempted too to start Blogging and I have the same dilemna...would I use it or Twitter - my brain is like yours, on overdrive thinking/imagining etc.

Keep well.


Gorilla Bananas said...

That looks like something out of Star Trek Next Generation, not that I'm jealous. You have the face of a woman with an ironic sense of humour.

H~ said...


Irony is my middle name.

China Blue said...

Oh my Gaw! I tweet from my iPod Touch more often than not and totally identify with your predicament. It takes a lot of energy to blog, when I can spit something out in a Tweet. Gah!

H~ said...

So it does seem to be that Twitter is the lazy person's blogger. Hahahaha