Monday, 14 September 2009

Oh Grow Up!!!

Good Lord, people! How old are you???

First Adebayor, you made goal number 3 in a game against your former team and yes Man City went on to win, but tell me did you need to run 90 yards and end with an arrogant display of you postulating on your knees, arms in the air to flaunt your goal in front of the supporters of the club you played for last season? Also, did you really need to kick Van Persie in the face? I watched that game and that kick looked like it could have been avoided, but you went for it anyway. Really, how old are you?? I hope at the very least that the rumour I have been hearing that the FA may penalise you with a 5 game ban is true.

Next on my list of childish displays is of course Serena Williams. Yes, sweetie, that was a horribly bad call but if you had just gone on to play, you'd probably have won. But no. You thought it would be prudent to curse out the line judge and threaten to ram a tennis ball down her throat. And so as a penalty you lost the match and you got a fine. You deserved both.

And finally our little fit of disrespectful defiance comes from you, Kanye West. Taylor Swift wins the MTV award for Best Female Video and you see fit to jump on stage, pull the microphone out of her hand and spout out your opinion that you think Beyonce should have won. Since when did the MTV awards become the Kanye West awards?? You want your own award show, go for it. But quit spoiling other people's moments of glory. What really makes me ill is that you didn't get a fine or any sort of consequence except negative media backlash. You got off easy.

To the younger generation, it's you and other celebrities they see as heroes. It sickens me to think about the message your behaviour sent out to the real youth in society. I know that you three aren't the only ones who have done thrown such indulgent childish tantrums. However, it seems to be happening more and more among your ilk. Since when did behaving in such a juvenile manner become socially acceptable? I blame the culture of instant gratification for this glorified infantile conduct but I am by no means citing that opinion as an excuse. You’re all adults now. Grow up and act appropriately!

On the flip side we have people like Beyonce. You, my dear, recognised what Kanye West had taken from Taylor Swift and thus when you received your award, you gracefully gave the microphone to Taylor so that she could have the moment she had been denied. That was real class. Thank you. I wish there were more celebrities like you.

Okay, rant over. Have a nice day (or eve depending on where you are).

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