Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My Top 9 Most Romantic Songs of All Time

WARNING: This post is steeped with cheese.

I shared a song on Facebook a few weeks ago declaring it was the song I considered to be the most romantic of all time. That lead to a conversation, which lead to my inspiration to write this. Not that I have any time to actually sit and think of my top most romantic songs, look them up on YouTube, and write a little description about each one. Yet somehow that's when inspiration strikes, when you have a million other things you are really meant to be doing. And, so putting all that to the side I give you my top 9 most romantic songs of all time, because I just don't have 10.  In High Fidelity fashion (yes, I've done this before) I begin with number 9.

For me being in love brings a sense of elation where you just wish you could freeze time and stay right there forever...never coming down from the cloud where you happily sit gazing at the beauty of the world with your lover. You don't want to do anything else or be anywhere else than right there at that moment. That's what this song is to me. It's literally about wasting time with someone you love, so here it is.


When I was much much younger, I fell in love with this next song and had a little fantasy that  I would one day receive a card or something of the sort with the lyrics of the first stanza of this song from the man I was destined to marry. I'm over that now, but any time I listen to this song I envision a lovely autumn night with leaves swirling around two lovers as they playfully dance beneath a harvest moon. It's just so beautiful.


Not all romance has happy endings or is filled with hearts and flowers. In fact not all romance even comes to fruition. Sometimes love is unrequited and excruciating, biting chunks out of your heart and spitting them on to the pavement. I chose this song as the lyrics and music combine perfectly to emulate that feeling of two people who want so badly to be together but just can't, a situation I have found myself in on more than one occasion. Plus, it has my favourite line of all time, "words are vitamins and life is short." And, how often does Ani Difranco have Prince as a backup singer? Just this once.


Life would be some much easier and a hell of a lot less painful if we could just switch our hearts on and off like a light, but that's not how love works. It comes along at the most inappropriate times and often not when you're ready for it. It also may throw your heart in the path of the wrong person (as mentioned previously). When it comes to love there is absolutely nothing you can do, and that's why this song made it here.


While I love this this next song and think that both the lyrics and music are gorgeous, I must admit that it was chosen for someone I truly loved a lifetime ago. Unfortunately, we all lost him. Some people who knew us back then might suspect that I would have chosen a Grateful Dead song in his memory, but no. We went to see this artist in Ann Arbor with some friends, who were trying to record the gig. However, the tape ended up being mainly a recording of our mushy lovey dovey conversation with Robyn Hitchcok playing somewhere in the background. I sometimes get lost in that memory, but I'll save my illusions for myself.


I chose this next song for two reasons: 1) It's sexy, really sexy. It's I-want-to-take-you-home-right-now-and-start-taking-off-your-clothes-before-we-get-through-the-door sexy. 2) I really like being single, but I even have moments when I want to stop playing with my bow and arrow. I just need the right man to give me a reason.


I love this next song. This song gets me going and has me bouncing around the room, and I may very well be guilty of overplaying it. Lord knows I've shared it on social media more than once. To me it is the essence of what's like to be in those first few weeks of a new relationship, that cloud nine feeling I mentioned earlier, the honeymoon stage. Love love love...


"Wasn't it 9:10 just fifteen minutes ago?"
"Then why is it 11:20 now?"
Time is relative and it certainly zooms past when you're falling in love. Those first few conversations that last well into the morning before you even realise it and have you walking around the next day in a sleepless haze with a dopey smile on your face. Your head spins and you don't even notice the resulting clumsiness from sleep deprivation. After all " can't fight gravity on a planet that insists that love is like falling and..."


And finally, my all time most romantic song. I don't think I need to explain this. Just listen to it.


Of course there are other beautiful songs out there, but these move me every time they're played. And, now I'm off to bed.

As you were.

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Glennis said...

Yes I did quite like the last of your songs, strange but I had never heard of any of them before. Music has such power over our emotions, we couldn't live happily without it.