Sunday, 1 February 2009

Helpless Feeling

I was at a girly sleepover last night at Em's when I got a text from McP telling me that Shaun's mum had passed away from cancer. I quickly sent Shaun a text with my condolences, but what I really wanted to do was climb through my phone and come out on his end and give him a hug. But, I can't.

Today, I found out that my friend, Steve, also lost his father to cancer. Both these deaths have been coming for a while, but I know from experience that just because you know a death of a love one is inevitable doesn't make it any easier. I'm sending Steve a text now, but again I just want to crawl though my phone....

Rae expressed how I feel pretty well here. Unfortunately, I can't even offer my sofa or give a real hug.

When my friends overseas are hurting, I hate that I made the choice to move here.


China Blue said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friends' losses; it's painful not to be able to offer 'real' comfort. But you'd be surprised how much even a few words can mean at times like that.

There's no substitute for being there, as opposed to 'being there' if you know what I mean, but don't be too hard on yourself for having moved - I'm sure your friends know you don't care any less because you're far away. x

H~ said...

Thank you. I know that either way I couldn't have done much. It just would have felt like I could if I had been there.