Wednesday, 4 February 2009

How'd I Get To Be So Damn Smart?

I think that I'm the last person that one would want to seek out for relationship advice. After all I'm a selfish passive aggressive OCD commitment phobic with a fear of abandonment. This is, admittedly, my own completely unbiased diagnosis. You know, J- must be an extremely patient person to put up with me and all my relationship oddities. Perhaps it's best that we're separated by 150 miles and don't get to see each other frequently. But, I digress.

In the last three days I've had three chats with female friends (one by messenger, one by email, and one over a meal) and apparently I said some pretty wise stuff. Who knew? All these women thanked me after talking to me. I'm not going to go into detail about the conversations in order to protect my friends' privacy, but the most recent conversation ended with a friend thanking me for my advice. My response was, "I gave you advice??" She said yes and that my conversation with her had given her some perspective that she couldn't get elsewhere. That's when it came to me...

I'm going to begin a radio talk show and call it "The H Perspective". My friend told me that my tag line for the American version should be "The Viewpoint from Across the Pond".

Hmmmmm perhaps a podcast to discuss people's personal issues? And maybe I shouldn't call it "The H Perspective". Maybe I should call it "The Accidental Therapist".

Then again, like I said, I'm the last person I would want to seek out for relationship advice.

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