Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Some Cool Dudes (Warning: Adult-well big kid really-Content)

It snowed and snowed and snowed some more on London this past week. London's infrastructure isn't really prepared for this amount snow, so the city ground to a halt. Our school is located in Cobham, which received more snow than London, and down a bit of a windy road making it near to impossible to get to. Thus, there was no school for students or staff on Monday or Tuesday. So what did I do?

Took advantage of it of course and played. On Monday I chose to lie in and thus missed the snowball fight between my Surbiton friends and a family with children (the children kicked their butts), but I woke in time to meet Beka, join the rest of the bunch, drink some coffee with Baileys and then walk along the river walk into Kingston where we met John, who was the only one among us who had to work, for lunch.

And so, here are some pictures I took with my phone along the way....

First, here is the picture of the view of my street from my bedroom window when I woke up.

This is the park around the corner from me. It's across the street from Ces and John's house and was where the snowball fight that I missed took place. Notice the snowman in the lower right corner.

This was an accidental overexposure along the river walk into Kingston. I rather liked the way it came out. It looks a bit like a painting. Oh those people with their backs to the camera are my mates.

This is more what the river walk should look like.

Here are some cool dudes I saw along the way:


This is a mangy Starbucks drinking, cigarette smoking bench sitter.

These two guys were holding a sign that said, "Happy Snow Day!"

He was far too dashing to pass up:

Later in the evening, I went for a drink with my Surbiton pals at the Lamb. I heard rumour of snowman making that had occurred in the back garden. When I arrived, Mark told me I needed to check out the snowman because he was massive. And, Mark was right. That snowman was massive.

I think he has a bit of a dirty smile, don't you?

That was my Monday. My Tuesday was just a lazy day of marking papers and Facebook and twittering. I did manage to get off my sofa and out of the house to head to Beka's for pizza later in the eve. Today was back to work without students and tomorrow, weather permitting, we'll be back to business as usual. So that'll be two days of classes and then a week off-not too shabby.

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