Saturday, 15 March 2008

En Memorium

My new refrigerator comes tomorrow. This means that I will be saying good by to the deep Arctic freeze that has been my freezer.

So here is a trip down memory lane complete with pics from May last year.

Frosty Freeze
Today I woke up at noon with a hellish hangover from my birthday celebrations the evening before. And then I lounged around on line and on the sofa in my jammies until 3 when I took a long bath. Then I ordered pizza, cheesesticks, and soda which got me a free pint of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food Ice Cream. So, I went to put the pint in the freezer, which I rarely use as the seal is crap and it freezes over frequently. I almost died laughing when I opened the door. I put my pint of ice cream in it, and this is how it looked.

I think I have some defrosting to do.

And here is how the defrosting went...

Demonic Defrost
Continuing on with the saga...

Yesterday after posting that last blog, I unplugged my fridge, opened the freezer door and placed 3 large old towels on the floor. Then, I went to bed and awoke early this morning to see what had happened. I donned gloves, grabbed a large and sharp metal spatula and large soup pan and went to work. Diligently I chopped and scrapped at ice for about forty minutes. Here is the result.

If you look closely you can see that there is a carton of ice cream buried within the ice. I've not been able to free it as of yet, and I’ve no idea how old it is. I feel like an archaeologist, and ironically Anthropology was one of my majors in uni.

The door is still open, more towels have been placed on the floor, and I'm off to enjoy my day. Hopefully all the ice in my sink will melt by the time I get home and allow me to clear out more ice.

In a way I'm going to miss the adventure that was my freezer.

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