Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Things I Say

My students have decided to tell me of the things I say frequently during class:

'Ooohhhhhkay,' or 'Anyhoooo,' are often said as I'm getting back to a topic and turning towards the whiteboard.

'I'm experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by.' said if my elctronic whiteboard goes wonky or I can't find something I need. I also say, 'Houston, we have a problem,' in these situations. If things are generally not going well or I've made an error I will say, 'Oh rats,' or 'Oh poo,' or 'What am I doing?'

'Why? Because I'm evil. Muah hahahahaaaaa' My response to why do we have homework or why do you make us do (fill in name of difficult assignment here). Apparently my evil laugh is really scary, but they love it (or tell me they do)

'Meanwhile back at the ranch.' I say this to myself as I am turning towards my computer to do something while they are working.

'Life is really hard for you, isn't it?' My response to whining about little things.

'I don't know. Can you?' which is my response to, 'Can I go to the toilet?' The first time I respond to their question like this I will go on to explain, 'Can is asking me if you are able and I would hope that at this age you are able to go to the toilet by yourself.'

And last but not least, 'Mrs. Martin is my mother.' I even have this written on a post-it next to a picture of me with my mother.

That is their list thus far. It's funny what kids notice.

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