Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I'm excited. My fingers are crossed. I've not slept well in the past few days and it doesn't look like I will sleep well tonight either. Back in Feb 2007, I posted this blog and now it's the day we find out the answer to that question.

I'm going to go to bed about 8 and will set my alarm for 2AM. I will then wake up and watch the results of this historic vote.

My ballot was cast 2 weeks ago, and my hats are off for those back in the US who are queuing up for hours and hours. It's amazing. The sheer voter turn-out alone is inspirational.

I hope that I can sleep tonight.

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mrsb said...

My husband is covering the news at his job at CBS news. He'll be spending the night there.

I'm shitting kittens (excuse the language!) wanting to know who wins. He's promised to text me when as soon as anything happens, even if it hasn't hit the teleprompter yet.

I can't remember the last time I was so nervous about a vote!