Friday, 28 November 2008

I'm a Loser, Baby part 2

You'll remember a while back that I mentioned how a group of us at work were entering a 'Biggest Loser' contest at work. Well, today was the last weigh in.

I was doing quite well. I was in the lead for almost the entire contest. Pounds were flying off my body. I was cycling daily and running on the weekends and I paid strict attention to everything that went into my body.

People made comments on how my skin had improved. As more weight came off people noticed changes in my face and saw it on my body. My jeans, which were once too tight, were too big. It was such a thrill and I was feeling great.

Then I met J-

J- loves to cook. Loves to make me big roast dinners. Our mutual friend, Dave, described J- as a 'feeder.' J- fed me well and I ate it all up.

Plus, I eat as an emotional release sometimes. For example I ordered a large stuffed crust Pizza and jalapeƱo poppers after I discovered J- was okay last weekend, and I ate it all that night. Why even today I've devoured a large Galaxy chocolate bar.

I stopped cycling to work because it got too cold and therefore possibly icy. Aside from walking into Kingston to do some shopping Thursday night, I did no exercise this week.

So, I knew I had probably blown it. It had been a month since I had weighed in. I stepped on the scale and...

I lost 6 more pounds bringing the percentage of my initial weight lost to %14.2!

I was the biggest loser! And, now I am £360 richer. I just need to keep it off while dating this feeder.

For your listening pleasure. I'm off to Scotland for James and Dawn's wedding.


Laura said...

Congrats on the weight loss! That is good work.

Heather said...

Awww.. thanks!

And thank you for stalking me. :-)

Attila The Mom said...

Woohooo! Great job!

I love the Yarps. I'm just rolling. LOL

"It's not murder, it's ketchup."

Heather said...

Yay you recognised it! :-)

I love Simon Pegg and everything he does.