Saturday, 22 November 2008

Shopping Success!

I had to buy a dress for James and Dawn's wedding. Shopping is not something I enjoy especially at this time of year. People tend to annoy me and I find myself thinking horrid things like, 'Out of my way, you skanky wench,' and 'Shut up, you little bit--,' or 'Walk a little slower why don'tchya, you old crow' at the innocent people who are just doing the same thing I am doing. I can stomach shopping a bit better when I'm with my friends, but in reality the only person I'm able to actually enjoy shopping with is my mother-believe it or not. She's great to shop with when you need something. Somehow she makes the experience fun.

Last summer when I needed a dress for Mike and Anna's wedding, she and I went all over Asheville in search of one. After 3 days we found one. It was more than what I wanted to pay originally, but it was lovely and I got loads of compliments on it.

But, now I'm back in London with James and Dawn's wedding looming on the horizon and not a decent frock in my closet. I put this off as long as possible, but I knew that today would have to be the day. So I dragged myself out.

At Mark's and Spencer's a dress practically jumped out at me and said , 'Me me me!!! I'm perfect for you!!'

It was the first and last dress I tried on. I loved it so much that I took pictures of it in the dressing room and sent it to friends. It is actually two pieces. Here is the main dress.

And here it is with the little top jacket thingy.

YAY!!!! Hoping my luck continues. Have a house to tidy and then am meant to meet J- and we're off to a party.

Oh and I have 3 stalkers now! Hooray. Come stalk me, please!


Gorilla Bananas said...

Stalkers? You mean people who read your blog without commenting? I always assume such people are shy fans.

Heather said...

No, I mean people who follow my blog. I have jokingly called them stalkers.


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