Saturday, 5 January 2008

Additional Lessons Learnt in 2007

Two final lessons...

If you are travelling on a long international flight (10 hours or so) and have your shoes off for comfort, make certain you put them back on before going to use the loo or else you will have urine smelling socks. I actually learned this over the summer, and I was halfway to the toilet on my flight to the US when I remembered. I had no problem remembering this on my flight back.

So, yes I'm back in the UK now. Tucson was great with my family although my brother couldn't be with us, and Seattle was....uh....interesting. It was good to see those I was able to see, but as usual I wasn't able to see everyone. I had a great time, don't get me wrong. However, things are no longer the same with many of my friends and will never really be again. There's a lot of hurt and anger presently. I had many heavy conversations with many people and heard many opinions about why this is the case. Despite it all there does remain a love and camaraderie among those I was able to see. And, so my final lesson in 2007...

You can never really go home again, but true friendship really will always survive any adversity.

And so I'm off to Linds's to have a quiet night in since I'm getting over my jet-lag, but at least my socks don't smell like urine.

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