Friday, 10 April 2009

He Said, She Said, How Sad!

For those of you just joining this saga, it begins here and continues here. You might want to read those first. We now continue with part three.

I finally heard from him this morning. As opposed to paraphrasing what he said, allow me to show you directly what he wrote:

"Good morning,

Quiet an e-mail.

Ermmm where to start. Well I only got back at 1am last night so was pretty hard to send you an e-mail! As for you watching me on Facebook and making assumptions all I can say is that Airports have internet access!!!

I am not going to even bother justifying myself to you over all of your accusations as I do not feel I need to explain myself further. I dont lie to you and am not doing so now! I have been away and have just got back. Simple as that. Hard to do much when not at home. I am sorry that the letter has gone astray but it will not be an issue as I paid for it to be tracked. That was the whole point!

I will call royal mail now and see if the letter was signed for and then send you another mail.

As for filing a claim that is totally up to you if you want to waste £125 doing it!"

So I responded:


Well, I want you to prove me wrong and I hope you do. I don't like thinking these things about you, but this has all gotten out of hand has become unbelievable from my point of view.

I do notice, however, that you still have not sent me the tracking number so I can call myself. I would still like that, please. I want to to call Royal mail and hear for myself when it was sent, who has signed for it, etc.

I don't watch your movements on Facebook. They show up in my newsfeed despite my efforts to have them not do so. In fact I've hidden you, or tried to, so that I don't have to see your status updates. However, every time you become a fan of something or join a group, it shows up on the 'Highlights' section. Trust me I have tried to figure out a way to have that not happen, but it does. Hell, I even went off Facebook for a while because I didn't want to see what you were up to. I don't want to delete you as a friend because I do hope that we can somehow be friends in the end. I did go to your profile last night and write on your wall because I was pissed off."

(As an aside I simply wrote "and...?" on his wall)

"As for the claim, like I said I don't want to. I have looked into it and spoken to someone who had to do it. Apparently, you would be the one who would end paying for the fees for me having to file it if I have to.

So, go ahead and call Royal Mail and let me know what they say but also send me the tracking number so I can do the same. As I said I want to hear it from them myself. Plus, if it was signed for I can email that person directly as they will work at my school. If you don't send me the tracking number then I will go back to my assumptions.

I really want you to prove me wrong and to see that this really was a bunch of unbelievable circumstances so I can return to thinking you were the lovely guy I thought you were when we were together."

Actually I don't think I will ever go back to thinking of him as that lovely guy. He'll still be Jerk in my eyes.

Oh but there's more. He sent me an update which must have crossed with my response. His update said:

"Having spoken to Royal Mail I now know that the package was delivered and signed for on Monday!!! Thank you very much.

It takes seven working days for the signature to appear on the website but, as I was the sender the woman is phoning through to another department to get the name of the person who signed for it.

You can then chase them up your end.

I am going out but as soon as they call me I will txt you the name.

Looking forward to my apology when it is proven that I sent it."

To which I responded:

"Please also email me the tracking number and the name. Last time you said you sent me a text with the tracking number, I never received it and I don't want to have that happen again.

In fact to be certain I receive it as we seem to have so many texts and mails go astray, please email the tracking number and name to this account and to my gmail account and maybe to Facebook as well. Yeah it might be slightly paranoid of me to ask you to do that, but I'd rather know for certain that I was going to receive it.

Once I have the money in my account and the documents proving you made the initial transfers, I will gladly write you a humble apology and will be overjoyed to be proven wrong."

So what do you think? Will I get the tracking number so I can speak to Royal Mail myself? Will I receive this package with the banker's draft and documents proving the initial transfers went astray? Will I have to write that apology? Or will I end up having to file a claim?


mrsb said...

I'm actually hoping that you do get the number and the name of who signed for it. Not because I particularly think he actually sent it (only time will tell), but because I hate to think of a guy being that big of a jerk to you.

Can't wait to hear how this plays out in the end.

H~ said...

I still haven't got the number. I'd really like to think that this has all been a bunch of kerfuffles and that everything he has said has been the truth. Unfortunately it just seems too unbelievable and I had a friend tell me a similar story where Jerk lied when money was concerned.

FreeRangeHuman said...

My money's on you filing a claim. Alas. What a jerk!

H~ said...

Sadly, I think you may be right. I'd really rather write an apology.