Friday, 17 April 2009

You can't be more sick of reading about this...

...than I am of writing about it. So have no fear. This is the last time I'm posting about my deadbeat ex-boyfriend.

On Wed, I received a text from Jerk telling me that he would be home that night and would send me the number to track the post then. Then, later at night a text telling me that his flight was delayed but would get me the number as soon as he got in and that was it. Today is Friday.

And thus, my last personal request to him:


Originally I said that I would give this until Wednesday the 15th of April to be resolved before taking legal action. However as you said in your text that you were again away without the number and would be home by Wednesday evening, I decided to wait.

Wednesday night you sent me a text saying that your flight was delayed, I shouldn't panic and that you would send me the tracking number as soon as you got home. It is now two days later, Friday the 17th of April, and I haven't heard from you.

It has now been almost 2 months since all the mishaps with the transfers supposedly first occurred. In addition you have written me a cheque with insufficient funds and now supposedly sent me a recorded post with a banker's draft which has gone missing and you are not providing me with a tracking number in order to trace it.

I will be filing a claim by the end of the day on Monday the 20th of April if this is not resolved. In addition to the £327 you owe me, you will also be requested to pay the £30 fee I had to pay my bank due to the transfers not going into my account back in February plus any fees for filing the claim. Filing a claim is not something I want to do, but with your inability to provide me with proof that you sent the banker's draft and documents, I don't see that I have another option.

I was really hoping that I would be writing you an apology for accusing you of being so awful and I'm saddened that it looks as though I will have to file a claim instead.



And that's it. I did send him a text and a message on MSN, where he's been logged in all week but as 'Away', simply telling him to check his email and do the right thing. I know I'll probably get some crazy story about why he was unable to physically give me the tracking number (maybe he was falsely arrested again or had to go into hospital), but I won't bore you with it. When this is resolved I will let you know, but until then I'm retruning to my regularly scheduled blog posts.

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