Tuesday, 14 April 2009

What Am I? An Idiot?

And now we are on to part five. For those of you just joining this saga, please go back 4 posts to the beginning so that this makes sense.

I received a text from Jerk today:

"I thought I said in my mail that I was going away and that is why they were calling me! I also thought I explained that the signature had to be looked up as it wasn't in the system yet. I also thought I said that, as the sender, I had to deal with them. Maybe I didn't put that sorry"

To which I replied:

"This really sounds like you are lying. I've had stuff sent by recorded delivery before and as the recipient if you have the tracking number you can look it up online. You sent me the tracking number last time you sent a recorded mail, so why can't you do it now? You said two weeks ago you would send me the tracking number, so just do it. If you are telling the truth about when you sent it, then you would have the number."

And his response was:

"I do have it but I fail to see which part of I'm away you do not get!"

And my reply:

"And I fail to see why you didn't take it with you as this was unresolved and you were waiting for a call back, especially since this all went wrong when you were away before. Had you sent the number when you last wrote this wouldn't be an issue. You are making this more difficult than it has to be."

And that is where we stand.

I don't know who is the bigger idiot, me for dating this man and lending him money or him for dragging this on and on.


mrsb said...

He is of course. You couldn't have any idea what a big dill weed he was when you first started seeing him.

H~ said...

Thanks! I find myself wondering about my own judgement sometimes.