Sunday, 15 June 2008

Hooray Pt 3

So, date number 2 went very well. There is a date number 3 in the works, but at this point I'm going to stop blogging about them. Don't want to jinx it after all, and this is a part of my life that from this point needs to be a bit more private. That being said, thank you for your crossed fingers.

Today was a lovely day and I walked into Kingston to buy the award books for our students and on the way I came across a swan family. So I took a pic.

Aren't they cute? After buying the books I decided to treat myself to a frappuccino. Unfortunately, I dumped almost half the contents over my jeans, shoes and floor when I was at the bank. You know, I didn't really even care aside from the fact that I was very embarrassed.

Time to get to that marking.

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Nouveau Chef said...

So we will keep good thoughts for the future! xo lynn