Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Inspiration from London Bloggers and a Long Hot Bath

Last night I went to my first ever London Bloggers Meetup. I have to admit I felt quite uncharacteristically shy and rather self-conscious. This was due to not having met these people nor having a chance to really peruse some of the blogs they authored before I arrived. Everyone I met was friendly, interesting and obviously intelligent. Andy, who organises this, had four speakers come. The people I met along with the first two speakers really got me thinking about this little H in London blog and why I do it.

Today, being my first day of Summer Holiday, I found myself lazily getting out of bed about 9:30 and then taking what had to be the world's longest bath. As I've mentioned before, long baths tend to get my little grey cells working. I thought about that book that's been in the back cobwebbed shelf of my mind waiting to be written, about my plans for working my way through Artist's Way to tap my creativity, about how I began to write about my luck with cars and then just let it fizzle and about all the journals I have filled up since I was a teen. Then, suddenly a little light-bulb went off. I decided to create a new blog.

This new blog is My Luck with Cars and Boys and I will post on it at least once a week (this is my solemn vow). It will be a memoir of sorts with a bit of embellishment and changing of names where deemed fit. Maybe in the long run it will turn into something more.

As for H in London, she will remain. I will post with as much frequency about the thoughts-n-things that pop into my head. I'll even put the 'My Luck with Cars' posts here, but to read about my past luck with boys you will have to venture there. I decided to kill off 'H in Pain'. Who wants to read about my moaning of the mysterious side pain that plagues me? Hell, even I don't.

Thus, I've posted my first post on MLwCaB and then surfed through blogs finding a few from folks I met last night. Gwen also came over and gave her a load of nice kitchen items as she leaves soon to go back to the US. I'll really miss her...sniff. I just realised that it's almost 5 and I have yet to eat a proper meal or do work that needs doing for my course. I'm also thinking about heading to Nine Yards tonight as my plans for going out this evening were cancelled. I best get moving.


China Blue said...

Hey Heather! Was good to meet you last night. I'll be checking out your new blog as well as catching up with this one :-)

Heather said...

Hey, TA! I will definitely be doing the same. Have really enjoyed what I've read of you thus far.

Julius said...


We haven't had a chance to meet but will catch up next time!


Heather said...

Hey Julius! Yes let's. I'm not going to be at the next meet-up though, because I'll be visiting my parents in the US. So maybe the one after that?