Tuesday, 10 June 2008


Insomnia sucks.

I went to bed last night early-10:30. It was a really warm eve, so I had my window open. At 12:22 I was awoken by some loud drunk people chatting and laughing just outside my window. They were speaking in a language that sounded African-ish. I couldn't understand it. Too tired to move but too annoyed to sleep, I lay in bed and willed them to shut up. Eventually they wandered away from my flat and I fell back asleep.

At 2:30 I woke up thinking about work and all the things I needed to do (which I should be doing right now, really. But, hey it's my bloody lunch break. I'll do what I want.) I tried to fall back asleep, but every time I began to drift off I would think, 'Hey, I'm falling asleep!' and Bam! I was awake again. It was about 4 when I finally did end up heading back to dreamland.

My alarm went off at 6, and at about 6:20 I launched myself from my bed. I toyed with the idea of heading back to the comfort of my mattress and getting the later shuttle from Esher, but I pushed myself and made it out the door and on my bike by 7:05.

Now, I'm tired and crabby. And, I've a friend whom I've not seen in ages coming over to hang out later in the eve. After work, I will be biking home, taking a nap and hoping that I can be cheerful company this eve.

Again, insomnia sucks. Next time I'm sleepless I'm calling someone in Seattle to moan about it. It's early eve for them at that time after all.

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