Wednesday, 11 June 2008

My Arch-Nemesis

My arch-nemesis is innocent looking enough and grows in big bunches along the side of the road and along the side of the river. It also has a sidekick which floats down from trees in white fluffy bits. My eyes looked so red this morning and yesterday morning that people asked me if everything was ok. Apparently, I looked like I had been crying. At least they didn't automatically assume I was on drugs.

I'd really like to make peace with my nemesis and I'm completely baffled as to why it seeks to destroy me and others. I love both flora and fauna. I do nothing to harm it, and in fact I go out of my way to preserve it whenever I can. It is just not fair.

I just replenished my ammunition supply to fight my arch-nemesis, but the one which is most effective makes me drowsy. There just is no winning this fight.

Oh well...

I promise I'm not going to keep moaning about things like allergies and not being able to sleep. Sheesh...

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Nouveau Chef said...

Hey Heather - we can relate! I have a house of snorting, snufflebeasts right now. It's fun to hear from you. I'll look forward to keeping in touch.