Saturday, 14 June 2008

Slide those fingers...

...back into their previously crossed position, as date number 2 is this evening.

I'm far more nervous about this date than I was about the first one and am fretting over what to wear, etc. I think I really like this guy. He's been texting and calling throughout the week and I can't help but smile when I see it's him. We're meeting in town and then wandering about to find a place to go for drinks outside since the weather is lovely. Thus I need comfortable, yet sexy shoes. I was thinking of heading to Clarks to buy a pair that I had my on, but Linds cautioned me against that. I'm also wondering if I should wear my new purple top with the funky straps or the black top with the unique neck-line. I figure a skirt is in order.

I feel a bit embarrassed being this nervous. If (no H think positively) WHEN this works out, I'm not going to tell him where to find my blog until we are a solid item.

You know, last time I blogged about being nervous before a date, things went really well-well aside the fact that it ended. But, we're still friends. Please don't let blogging about this date jinx it...PLEASE.

So anyway, fingers crossed, and thank you.

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