Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Running Is Dangerous

I went on a bit of a fruit diet yesterday and went for a run. Not having run for a month I did not go nearly as far as I had intended. This new health kick was spurred my my shock when I got on the scale. Apparently 2 weeks of no exercise, BBQ's, leaving-do's, and dates with a man who will buy you pricey drinks puts the pounds on much faster when you are 40. Shit.

Thus, yesterday I began this diet and exercise plan. It went fairly well. I'm even logging what I eat on this website to track my calories. My running could be better, however. Plus, starting last week my hip starting acting up from that ski spill I took in Feb. It now has decided that since the weather is nice it would make its presence known. I personally think it's begun to hurt because I haven't been exercising lately. So, running again seemed to be the perfect solution.

Today while I was running, I was thinking about how to best improve my speed and stamina, and then made the fatal decision to run along the gravel path next to the Thames. On one side of this path is the river and on the other side is a retaining wall about 2 feet high, which separates the lawn and the proper foot path from this gravel one. I should have been running along the lawn, but I wasn't. Right when I was mapping out a training plan in my mind I stumbled and wiped out quite dramatically. I fell against the wall and sprawled out along the gravel. My hand and elbow are both bruised and scraped but they do not compare to my knee. If you're squeamish, best to avoid these next two pictures.

As you can see my knee is quite bruised as well as scraped. This pic was taken after I cleaned it up when I got home. I walked home with blood streaming down my knee...nice. Oh and I can still walk, but it is a bit painful.

I'm still going to exercise, but tomorrow I'll be on my bike. Yeah I know, I've fallen off that too. With my brand of clutziness you just can't win when it comes to exercise.

At least I didn't fall into the Thames.


Dave G said...

Ick. Don't try running in a car with a boy!

Heather said...

LOL!!! Thanks I'll keep that in mind