Friday, 4 July 2008

Happy Freakin' Fourth of July

So, this happens to me every time I am not in the US on The Fourth. I forget about its significance. My hairstylist reminded me this morning. Oops. I made certain to wish all my American friends a Happy Fourth on Facebook. There will of course be no fireworks here.

And, because I was getting my haircut this morning I missed a delivery from an overnight courier. The package is my medieval costume for Adam's (owner of The Lamb where I had my 40th) fancy dress birthday party. The guy dropped by minutes before I got home. I was expecting that I would be able to pick it up from the local post-office but no. Since I ordered this costume and had it expressed delivered, I would have to go all the way into Guilford to get it and not just to the town part of Guilford. I would have to go about 3 miles away from the station to the warehouse area. Living in the London area and not out in the country, I don't own a car because there is no reason for me to do so (also have an ethical issues with needless waste of fossil fuels). However, this is a time when I would need a car. So, I rang the company and asked if there would be anyway for them to come back and was told that they would try, but no promises. As I type this, it is 4:59PM. No one has come by. I was told the delivery time would be until 5.

It has been a beautiful sunny day and I spent all of it inside waiting for this costume. The weather is beginning to turn. It's getting colder and cloudy. I checked the forecast and it will be raining by tomorrow morning. So, it looks like I wasted a beautiful day inside and will be going to Guilford with my bike to head to this delivery place in the rain. Poo!

But in honour of The Fourth of July I have been watching episodes of Commander in Chief, which in all honesty has been distracting me, and it is now 6:09.

So, I'm off to join my friends at The Lamb and then up early tomorrow to go into stupid Guilford.

But before you stop reading this, look how short my hair is now!

My neck will be nice and cool when I'm in North Carolina.

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