Thursday, 10 July 2008

The Weather Gods Are Toying with Me

I now remember why I always retreat back to the US at this time of year. You can count on the weather being like summer. When I lived in Seattle, I always travelled during my summer holidays. People always thought I was nuts. Why leave a lovely area with such natural wonder, like Seattle, during the part of the year where the chances are high that it won't be raining constantly? Then when I moved to Mexico and subsequently here, I always returned to Seattle (via New Jersey where my parents used to live on Lake Hopatcong-weather seemed to always be nice there too) in the summer. Every time I did the weather in the US was fantastic. I did stay in England my first summer here, however, and my parents came to visit me. The weather was lovely here then. Thus, I thought that perhaps I was making the same mistake I used to make when I lived in Seattle. After all, there's meant to be nothing like the English Summer.

So, I decided due to money and a course I'm taking to stay here this summer (with the exception of two weeks where I will be in Asheville, NC where my parents now live). Up until Tuesday the weather was pretty good. It has, however, not been so great since then. Yesterday it rained so hard that I wondered if I should start building an ark. Today I woke up and it was SUNNY!!! Hoorah!!! I got ready to go for a bike ride and the temperature dropped and it began to rain, Boo! I waited for a bit in the vain hope that it would clear up. But, it did not. So I took a bath, got dressed, sat down to do some coursework and guess what??? Yes, it's sunny-ish and warm.

Ok, why are the four elements toying with me like this???? It could be I'm looking at this the wrong way. Maybe I'm being protected. Perhaps going out riding to day would have ended badly for me. I've not had the best luck lately (almost took a finger nail off trying to peel a celeriac yesterday and I did have a nasty fall last week) Then again this could be nature's way of telling me to just get to work.

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