Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Home or I have Loads of Work to Do But This Is More Fun

First to satisfy Todd and Raechelle. Here is a pic of my rental.

So, I drove this lovely car to northern New Hampshire on Friday for Anna and Mike's wedding. Look how well we all wash up.

Look how lovely the place was where Mike and Anna got married.
And one more lovely picture of the beautiful bride in a beautiful setting.
Those last two pics were stitches from my digital camera. They are best viewed by clicking on them to see them full sized.

The reception was fun and fabulous and perhaps a little crazy at parts. Those pictures will not be posted here, and maybe I might come into some money for not posting them. Muah hahahaaaa...

On Saturday I went to Salem. This was my third visit. The first time was about 8 years ago. I felt kind of a 'homecoming' feeling during my first visit to Salem-a feeling I couldn't explain. Now, on the sceptic side of this I will admit that I was obsessed with the Salem Witch Trials when I was younger (about 11). So maybe I just knew things about Salem on a subconscious level that were residual from what I had read. On this trip I made certain to visit Laurie Cabot's The Cat, The Crow and The Crown. It's my favourite store in Salem. I've got loads of respect for Laurie Cabot, mainly because of this. I got a few things I needed before the store closed, had dinner and then went off to Haunted Footsteps.

I HIGHLY recommend this tour. Not only do you learn very interesting facts about Salem, but you also hear some very creepy stories as well. I had yet another experience as we approached the site of the old Salem jail. Now, I didn't know what the building was and didn't realise that the area we were approaching was a cemetery with quite the unique history behind it. All I knew is that I suddenly felt cold and didn't want to go anywhere near this area. Now, on the sceptic side of this sudden odd feeling I got before discovering the gruesome facts of the area (facts, by the way, that you will have to uncover on your own), one could say that I again was experiencing a subconscious memory of details I already knew having read about them and/or having been to Salem before. Still that doesn't explain the sudden drop in temperature I felt or the gut trepidation of not wanting to go near that place. It wasn't pleasant or thrilling in anyway-just really really awful.

And that wraps it up for me for now. I'm quite pleased to announce that it is now 11:35pm and I am sleepy! Yay!!! Last night it took me until 2:30AM to fall asleep. Maybe I will fall asleep earlier tonight. :-)

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TD said...

Actually I didn't need to know the color of your rental car - I was just making fun of Raechelle for asking. ;-)

This comment brought to you by word verification "tgbab" (or T.G. Bab), who was a drag queen I used to know in San Francisco's Tenderloin district.