Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Tattoo Time

I'm doing this for the benefit of Mrs. B, who posted a blog about her breathtaking tattoo. Mine is nothing in comparison, but she was curious to see other people's tattoos so here we go...

My tattoo is an ankle tattoo and it always and forever will remind me of 2 very blessed and sacred elements in my life.

1. My Seattle friends. They all chipped in money as a birthday/good-bye present. I moved to Mexico a few months later, and as you all know I now live in London. Every time I look at it I think of them.

2. My spirituality. As a Celtic knot circling my ankle it binds me to the earth and therefore the universe. As the energy that runs through the earth, the universe and each of us ties us all together, it's my belief that we are duty bound to care for ourselves and the world and people around us. My tattoo is a reminder of this. I could go on and on for hours about my spiritual beliefs and how I came to be at the place I am, but I won't.

It's not the best pic of my tattoo, as I had to use my phone. My other camera ran out of juice and I've not gotten around to recharging batteries on it.

Oh, and here is a picture from the last party I had at my Seattle apartment where I'm showing off my tattoo. My friend, Michael, photo-shopped it and made it hilarious. Erin's face makes the pic and the comment Michael added. She's not against tattoos by the way. Her face was just in that expression.
So there you go. I have many friends with tattoos that are much more impressive than mine. I am thinking about getting another Celtic knot tattoo on my lower back, but I have a goal (a personal one) that I need to reach first.


mrsb said...

First of all, that photoshopped picture is hilarious!

Second, what a great tattoo!

I hate when people get one, and have no reason for it (it's cute!). The best tattoos are the ones with real meaning, or at least a really great story behind them. You have both!

Raechelle said...

Ah, good times....
I remember Steve took all of these random photos of the party while holding up your school pic in each of them. They still make me laugh.

What a great idea - sharing pics of tattoos. And you know I love a good bandwagon. I'll post a pic of mine soon.

Heather said...

Thanks both of you! :-) It was a fun post.

I think everyone should post pics of their tattoos now. :)

Oh and Raechelle, that pic you that Steve used at that party was actually a pic McP's room mate from San Fran took when I was dating McP and staying with them. My mother has that pic in a frame now, so it doesn't follow me around anymore. :)

TD said...

Nice knot, H. I just snapped a pic of my ink and will post it tonight!