Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Home or It's 1AM and I Can't Sleep

Oh how I hate the jet lag coming back here! Going to the US is soooooo much easier. It's 1am and there are no signs that I will be asleep any time soon. My first day back is tomorrow, so I'm going to blog and then try to sleep. If I can't sleep then I'm going to do some work.

Got to Charlotte with plenty of time to board my flight to La Guardia. When we boarded all this steam came boarding out of the vents inside. It looked quite creepy, but no one else seemed bothered by it. It was really hot outside, so I figured (hoped) that this was normal. However, there was a delay...I don't remember why, but there was. We landed giving me 25 minutes before my next flight departed to Boston. It took me 12 minutes to get off the plan and I legged it to the gate where my next flight was boarding. I made it on time and out of breath and then waited...and waited...and waited. We were delayed due to weather at Logan airport. Then as we were the second in line to take off, our pilot informed us that Logan wasn't accepting any more flights and had shut down. The pilot said he wasn't certain why since the weather had cleared up. But we sat and sat and sat on the tarmac. After about an hour we took off.

I ended up getting a PT Cruiser instead of the economy car I had reserved because they were out of economy cars. I got it at the economy car price, however. Woo hoo. Then, went straight to Amy and Jeff's. Jeff, however, was visiting his parents in MI so I didn't get to see him.

I did spend some great quality time with Amy and Nick, who is now almost 6. On Thursday we went to the Quaboag area for hike. The weather was great when we started, but it looked ominous when we left. We went to a place called The Country Store for sandwiches afterwards. While we were there one of the customers who had come in asked if they had heard that there was a tornado warning for that area. The woman, who ended up being the owner or manager, said she had not. Then, a policeman came in and told the owner to close and head to the basement as a tornado had been reported touching down in New Salem. We got our sandwiches and left after being told it was probably ok as Amy lived in the opposite direction. It turned out to be a smaller funnel cloud, but until we found that out we had visions of the movie Twister in our heads. The weather became more and more severe in the evening. We were privy to quite the spectacular thunderstorm.

Ok, it's now 2:11 and I'm starting to feel sleepy. I'll admit that I was multitasking a bit and chatting while writing this so didn't get as far as I wanted. I'll write more tomorrow, but for now I'm gonna try to sleep.


Raechelle said...

What are the odds?! I get a PT Cruiser on *my* vacation. You get a PT crusier on *your* vacation! Aren't they fun?

What color was yours? I wanted purple but they only had vanilla and blue. Poo.

TD said...

What color was your rental car?? Really??

Man, I get teased all the time for being a guy with design aesthetics and color sense (it helps when you're an artist), but it's good to know I'm not that much of a chick. :)

Hey Raechelle, we're not getting a PT Cruiser on the Cali trip. So there. :P :)