Monday, 16 March 2009

I Was On The Lamb This Weekend

This was my first weekend as being 100% single since the beginning of October. Unlike certain other new singles (ahem) I didn't go out on the pull. Nope I spent it with fabulous friends.

On Friday night I had a few drinks with Beka and Kellie. Kellie had been in Oz for the last 6 weeks or so and thus we had some catching up to do. I had to recant the whole tale of woe. It was painful to say the least, but then I got her to talk about Oz. She had a brilliant time and I loved hearing about her trip.

On Saturday my friend, Russ, came over. I think he has some sort of H~ Heartache radar. I've dated a few different men since I've moved here, but only have had 3 serious bruises to my romantic aortic pump, J- being number 3. Each time Russ has been there within a week to take my mind off my heartache with fun and frolics. He appears without my summoning. I'm lucky to have such a friend like him. In addition to Russ I have to say that all my friends here have been wonderful and patient during this time of 'me me meness' that I've been putting them through with all the crap that's been going down. I'm really blessed. Most of them were out that weekend as well. And so we had some fun and did some frolicking.

The Lamb, a favourite local of mine, (I had my last birthday party there) celebrated the 2nd year that Adam and Liz had taken over management. Since the 2nd anniversary is cotton, they had a Cotton Eyed Joe Theme. Thus people were dressed up as Cowboys or 'Indians.' I have this orange shiny cowboy hat, which Seattle Julia got for me in New Orleans right before I moved to Mexico. I wore that and then keeping with the theme of my Disco Cowboy Hat, I wore a rather sexy seventies dress. And here I am.

Russ told me to use what I had and so I did.

And so off to the Lamb. As I said many of my mates were there. Here is a pic of a few of them. As you can see they are all related. ;-)

The best bit though was the bucking Lamb. Yes, not a bucking bull but a bucking Lamb. I was able to ride it for 16 seconds... on my 3rd attempt. Kellie was also there and she got a brilliant shot of me riding it.

Not bad for a camera phone with no real flash, eh?

On Sunday I went with Kellie and London Julia to Twickenham where we watched England stomp on France in the rugby. 34-10. We met up with some other people and had a lovely time.

So, not bad for my first weekend as a renewed single woman. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the simplicity and levity of it all.


mrsb said...

Holy cow (or sheep!) that looks like fun!

H~ said...

It was loads of fun. I didn't realise sheep could buck like that. :)