Monday, 2 March 2009

Random Ramblings

-I got my hair cut this weekend. I've been trying to grow it out and I told my hairdresser this. After I added that I wanted some fringe (that's bangs for you folk in the US), he talked me into layering the top as I grow it out. That night I went out with some friends and one of them took a pic of me. Now I ask you, does this look like I'm growing my hair out? It’s the shortest it's ever been!! My hairdresser is fantastic and I get what I pay for. (I've been known to practically not eat for a week so I can afford him) But I don't know how this is growing out my hair. People are all complimenting me on it, but I find myself tugging on my hair as if that will get it to grow faster somehow.

-Someone new has been reading blog and spent most of last night reading it. There are about 70+ page views from this IP Address so far. Their first visit was this past Friday. Well that is the first visit I saw was on Friday within the last week. If their visits began before last week, I can't tell and I've not been checking Sitemeter much. Maybe I should. I'm thrilled I have an avid reader, but 70+ views??? Surely, I am not that interesting. The location is unknown, but the language is English UK. So it's someone in the UK, but who? I think I may know and if I'm right, I will be finding out soon.

-Because of those 70+ views by one person, I have done some minor editing of previous posts so as not to be obvious as to who I am or where I live, etc. I've also deleted a post or two. If you left me comments on those blogs, my apologies. (Oh and if you are the one who spent most of your Sunday night and part of your Friday and Saturday reading my blog, please feel free to follow it. See "My Stalkers" on the right-hand side. And welcome!)

-I couldn't fall asleep until 1AM and was wide-awake at 4:26. There are many things rambling about in my head concerning health, relationships, work, money, visa crap, etc. Many of which I can do nothing about as I lie in bed at 4:30AM. I got up and did what I could do, but now I'm shattered and procrastinating by blogging instead of working. Oh and my little darlings with no concept of self-editing are saying things like, "Your hair looks great Miss M, but you look exhausted." Always good to know when you feel horrid that yes it's true-you do in fact look like shit. But hey, I've got great hair.

-My "Inner Angst Cure" is working somewhat, but then more crap just piles itself on my plate. One of those pieces of crap finds me going to the doctor straight after school today. Yuch! I hate hate hate going to the doctor. The dentist is the only one I hate more. But needs must.

So that’s it for me for now. Happy Monday! I hope this week is not nearly as long as last week.


Laura said...

i like your hair cut.. it looks really cute. i've gotten frustrated with hairdressers before when i told them what i was looking for and they went the complete opposite way...lucky for me my hair grows pretty quickly... have a great week..

augeas said...

Don't panic, actually it's only the miserable sod on the bus. -Found myself as a fifth wheel on the periphery of a number of not entirely minor crises at the weekend, so had a bit of a read from time-to-time in various locales in the abscence of worry beads. Opera Mini's proxy stalling probably accounts for most of the http requests. Cannot deny getting curious about the musical stuff you keep mentioning on the bus that I never quite manage to sleep through. Also:, I pretend I don't write it, (I mostly don't) and the students pretend they don't read it. One needs an account to read the f(r)iends-locked stuff, but decide for theeself if L.J. is "old-skool" or merely tragic.

mrsb said...

Adorable hair!

Creepy cyber stalker!

H~ said...

Actually not a creepy cyber stalker at all but another fellow blogger on a mobile phone so thus sitemeter wasn't reading it right. In fact someone I know! LOL and Phew! I hope I didn't put you off to reading. Please feel free to continue enjoying my narcissistic mutterings. :-)

And thanks for the compliments about my hair, Laura and Mrs B.