Sunday, 6 April 2008

April Showers

I have 'Sometimes it Snows in April' stuck in my head and for good reason. This is what I woke up to this morning. Here is the view when you look out my front window on to the street.

And, this is the view of my back garden.

It RARELY snows here in the Winter. But this, my friends, is meant to be Spring. The snowflakes are just getting bigger and it is now starting to stick to the pavement. There does not seem to be any sing of it stopping soon. I'm going to meet Ken, who is here for a 9 hour layover from Heathrow on his way from Seattle to Ethiopia. My plan was to take him into the city and show him the major sites, but I somehow doubt he'll prepared for this. Thus, I will make certain to bring a spare jumper (sweater) and hat for him.

About 8 years ago when I was visiting my grandmother in Tucson for Spring Break it snowed on Easter Sunday. It didn't last, but it was surreal to see Saguaros with their arms reaching in up to the sky, covered in snow for the short time it stuck. I wish I had some pictures of that. To wake up to this in London and in April is just about as surreal.

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