Saturday, 5 April 2008

My Birthday Wish List (May 10)

Yeah, so this is cheeky, but here's a list of ideas for birthday gifts ONLY if you feel compelled to buy me one. You certainly don't have to get me anything as your presence at my birthday party is really the only present I require.

• Aveda Products
I'm kinda a freak about Aveda and should probably own shares of their stock. Anything from Aveda is fabulous. I'm a big fan of Smooth Infusion shampoo and conditioner. Gift vouchers are always appreciated. Bentalls in Kingston has an Aveda Spa now (hint hint)

• Gift Voucher to any music or book shop in London.
(iTunes is ok, but I don't use an iPod any more. Instead I use my phone for a music player-it has loads of memory and does quite well. I can't play any of the tunes that I buy from iTunes on my phone, unfortunately. Plus, I like to actually own the CD's.)

• Gift Voucher to John Lewis/Waitrose (There are some kitchen items I really want.)

• Gift Voucher to Clarks Shoes (I should buy stock in that company too.)

• Gift Voucher to any clothing store in London (fashion stores or sporty stores-I'm running and biking again these days.)

• Earrings or Necklaces (Not too heavy please-my left ear is a prime example of what happens if you wear heavy dangling earrings.)

• Nice wine or champagne is always appreciated

• A New Washing Machine (yeah right-I don't expect that. I do need one though.)

What NOT to get me:

• Scarves (I have enough)
• Smelly candles (candles from Aveda are very welcome, however)

So that's about it. I feel a bit slimy posting a birthday wish list, but hell you only turn 40 once.

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