Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Who Let The Snake Out?

Every now and again I have my students do something I call 'Grammar Practice'. It's just like Daily Oral Language in the US. Essentially I make up a sentence with grammar errors, put it on my electronic whiteboard and then the students write the corrected version into their exercise books. I usually have them do 2 sentences at a time. Then we correct it together in class, and I magically pull the corrected version out from behind the incorrect one. (The magic of interactive whiteboards.) There is a twist, however. I have the sentences make up a story, which keeps them interested.

So here's the one we have going so far. For your sanity, I will put up the corrected sentences. (Note: This is American grammar. I do an English grammar one as well or point out the differences when they arise. We are, after all, an international school.)

Before Stuart threw the snowball, he checked to make certain that his mother, father and older sister were nowhere in sight.

Upon feeling the cold snowball hit the back of her head, Shelia ran to her room and began to plot her revenge.

The next day seemed to be a calm one, but this would be a day that Stuart would never forget.

Stuart, screamed, jumped and fainted when he opened his locker.

Excited to finally be free, three mice scampered out of Stuart's locker.

Stuart, who was unconscious on the floor, was not aware of the three cute, little mice scampering around him.

When Shelia saw Karl faint, she thought it was the funniest thing she had ever seen.

However, Mrs. Thomas saw the entire thing, and she noticed that Shelia's locker had an empty cage inside it.

"Woah, what's meant to be in that bright, shiny cage?" Mrs. Thomas asked Shelia.

"Oh no, where's Fredrick, my pet snake?" replied a very shocked Shelia.

"Eeeek, there's a snake!" came a shriek from the classroom.

When Mrs. Thomas saw the snake's long body slither around the corner and into the hallway, she jumped, screamed, and fainted.

Hearing the mice squeaking behind the lockers, the snake turned its attention to that area.

Mr. Smith, the principal, came around the corner and asked,"What's happened here?"

My students are loving this. Most of them thought that Shelia put the mice in Stuart's locker and were surprised at the addition of the snake. I keep pointing out that we don't know if Stuart threw the snowball at Shelia or if Shelia plotted revenge against Stuart. And, I don't know. I'm trying to think of some crazy twist to end this, but I'm stumped a bit.

Just thought I'd share. Back to work.

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