Monday, 28 April 2008

Update-Sorry, It's Been A While

I've been nuts, nuts, nuts with work. It's calming down a bit, so I'm taking a second to blog. We had our reports due, our annual review meetings, and it seemed like other things kept dumping themselves in my lap. I was up until midnight every night last week working. (Taking time out for some espresso martini therapy with Nic on Wed) All was pretty much done by Thursday for me, but my regular job still continues. And somewhere in the middle of this I renewed the previously ended friendship.....again. Think I have that in check-well...aside from one drunken indiscretion.

My Weekend:

Friday-Went out for a drink (well no 2 drinks- one at mine, one at the Lamb) with Matt and then I went on to Beca's for her b-day dinner. I had far too much bubbly on top of previous consumed beverages and thus I came home and then had my drunken indiscretion via text. I'm not certain who took it down the naughty road, but I was a more than willing participant. Bad, bad me.

Saturday- I woke up in the morning with a hellish hangover and swore blind that I would never do the naughty texting again and deleted all the evidence. As it was a beautiful day, I took a lovely walk down the river path and met up with Mark, Julia and Linds and had lunch. I took another lovely walk back to my house and then took a lllloooonnnngggg bath. Then, I went to Hart's, a pub on the Thames, and met up with Mark, Linds, Julia, Chad, John and Ces, and Kim and Andrew. Kim and Andrew bought Lila and Ruby so I got my cute kid and baby fix. After a few pints I went home and was in bed by (gasp!) 9:30. What a lovely, lazy day!

Sunday- I spent the ENTIRE day in the studio saying things like, "Listen and then click on the correct answer." I got confirmation that I am going to get paid for this. I wish this was my full time job, although my ears hurt after having the headphones on for 3 hours at a time. I can not wait to see (and hear) the final CD Rom. After recording I went home. M-, who spent his Sunday at work, came over and I made some yummy Jambalaya. We watched Midsomer Murders-it's a new season now. M- had to leave before the murderer and motive were revealed, however. I watched the end and was in bed by (gasp!) 10pm.

And then I had a vivid and heartbreaking dream, but that is a different post entirely and coming soon to a computer near you.

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