Thursday, 1 May 2008

Weird Dream

So, the other night I had a rather strange dream.

First in my dream locations were not the same. Wimbledon was actually in Kingston and the tennis courts were in a mall.

A few friends and I were in a little shop by the 'tennis courts' and I was looking at a used, cheesy romantic novel that had been made into a film (Serendipity I think it was) and scoffing at how things like that don't happen in real life. I then went outside with my friends and literally bumped into a young man. He wasn't my typical type. He was shorter than me with olive skin, long dark hair and big hazel eyes. (I'm no longer a fan of long hair) He was quite cute. There were sparks galore and we chatted away. He ended up being involved with some musical project and needed a female DJ (the talking kind, not the spinning tunes kind). He was very interested in the things I had done, the voice work and my writing, and suggested that we get together and collaborate on a few projects he wanted to get started. I was thrilled! He wrote his number on a flyer for something he was involved with, and I put it in my handbag. Then he asked if I would like to watch some tennis? Sure why not, and so we did (as it was a dream there were no need for tickets). Afterwards, we went to a shop across from the first one I had been in. We spent some more time talking and then said our goodbyes with the knowledge that I would call him since I had his number (I didn't give him mine) and we would get together.

I returned to the original store where I had seen this book. Seeing how the day had gone, I decided that I would eat my words regarding the soppy unrealistic nature of the book and buy it. I took the book to the counter to pay for it and discovered my purse was gone!

This meant I had no phone, no money, no keys, and no flyer with the guy's name and number on it. Shit! I retraced my steps, went to every place we had been and inquired about my handbag. Nothing! I was horrified and that's when I woke up.

Not very fond of this dream. It was far too much like my real life for my taste.

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