Monday, 26 May 2008

I Live Above Oscar the Grouch

For the last 4 months whenever I look down from my window on the patio below this is what I see...

My upstairs neighbours, Dawn and James, have this lovely vista as well. The woman who lives below me on my kitchen side of my flat as redone hers and this is where she has chosen to put her waste, right where we can all see it. Now that the weather is nicer, the shared back garden will be in use by us. We will get to see this mess as we entertain, sun ourselves or bbq. Plus, some of this crap is blocking the way to get to the back garden a bit.

Mark, who manages our building tried to get a hold of our messy neighbour, but she had a different phone and email from when she first bought the place. Finally, he put a note through her mail slot informing her that she had 2 weeks to get rid of this monstrosity or he would have it removed and bill her. Later that evening I heard her door slam and I thought, 'Yup she got the note.'

Apparently, she rang Mark that night quite inebriated and was very rude to him. So not only is she a pig, she's also a grouch. Thus, from here on out I'm calling her Oscar.

I'm really hoping to come back from our Isle of Wight trip to find this crap gone and until then I have no guilt feelings about running my brand new birthday washing machine late at night as I am now. My washing machine is located directly above her bedroom.

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