Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Tuesday Temptation

I'm a weak weak woman when it comes to....

Chocolate and Champagne.

(Ok I'm weak when it comes to sex as well-to a degree, but that's not what this blog is about.)

In my fridge is a box of belgium chocolates, given to me by Patricia, and small single bottle of champagne, given to me by Julia. I have raspberries and Absolute Raspberry Vodka, so I'm seriously considering making a raspberry champagne cocktail and polishing off the belgium chocolates whilst soaking in a hot bath.

Did I mention that I'm a weak woman when it comes to long hot soaks as well?

What is my justification for this seeming lavish excess you may ask? Oh I have a few good reasons.

1. I am in the midst of a helluva stressful week preparing of the Isle of Wight trip, organising Grade 4 orientation, organising Portfolio Sharing/Student Led Conference Day and End of the Year Awards in addition to my regular job, which is stressful enough.

2. I am not too fond of Tuesday evenings. I know, I know it's been years. But it's been weird years of off and on and off and blah blah blah. Somehow, Tuesday evenings still make me a bit ....uh...melancholy. I think taking a bath with a champagne cocktail and a box of fine chocolates will relieve all that.

3. This is perhaps the best reason of all. If I finish off this bottle of champagne and box of chocolates they won't be there to tempt me anymore.

Ok so...I think I will have the champagne cocktail and the bath, but I have to tidy my flat and write some thank you's first. I will allow myself 1 more belgium chocolate (I've already had 2) but that is all. This way I'll feel even more right with this decision.

I need to watch the season finale of CSI first, which I will do whilst I tidy and write thank you's.

Oh and this is apparently my 100th blog on Blogspot, so that is yet another reason for a champagne cocktail.

Now aren't you glad you bothered to read this? Don't you feel enlightened?

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