Sunday, 25 May 2008

Mt. Rainer Erupts.....In My Dream

On Saturday I woke up with my heart pounding and breath short. Oh my God, I was having a panic attack. I went into the bathroom and calmed myself down. Damn work-at least that was what was forefront on my mind as I calmed down. I'm certain there are other issues outside of work which contributed to my anxiety. This last week hasn't been the easiest in many ways. I tried to clear my mind and relax and eventually I fell back asleep.

Then, I dreamt that Mt. Rainer erupted. In my dream I was at work and had a funny, horrible feeling that something was terribly wrong in Seattle. Not wrong in the way things went wrong with my friends this past summer and fall, but wrong with the entire city. Dangerously wrong.

I got the next transatlantic, transcontinental train to Seattle and was there in no time (You gotta love dream transport). When I arrived it was dark, there were no lights anywhere, and the area was deserted. Looking down at distance I saw that everything was covered in what looked like snow, but it was May and quite mild. I touched the snow and discovered it was ash. The sky was dark with clouds, but they weren't regular storm clouds. I looked towards Mt. Rainer, which was closer than it should have been. Half of it had slid down the side and it was obviously the source the ominous clouds in the sky as smoke was billowing from the top.

I went to McP's house. However, his house wasn't a house but a large penthouse apartment that overlooked the city and McP didn't look at all like McP. He looked like the actor who plays The Todd from Scrubs. Also, he seemed remarkably unfazed by the fact that the city was completely lifeless. He gave me a hug and gave me my mail, but instead of filling me in on details about the eruption, he started having a go at me about my choice to spend the rest of my life in England. It was annoying, but I didn't argue back and simply waited patiently until he had finished his rant. I asked after the whereabouts of our mutual friends. He wasn't certain and that's when he began to get concerned. Then Shaun showed up. He knew where some people were, but others were unaccounted for. I said that I had a dream this was going to happen, and we needed to find people as quickly as possible. We made a plan and were about to set off to search when Shaun suddenly stopped and said, "But isn't all of this going to mess up the plans for your wedding? Don't you need to get back?"

My wedding?? I had completely forgotten about that. I was meant to get married but I didn't even have a prospective groom. Now what would I do? And what about the Isle of Wight trip I also had to arrange? I woke up.

I pondered whether I should write my Seattle friends and warn them about Mt. Rainer. I decided against that. It was just a dream after all, and some of those very same people read this blog. There's not much you can do to be prepared for something like that anyway.

Ironically, my friend Laura sent out an email about what to do if there's a earthquake. She used to live in Seattle, but is now in New Zealand. A very odd coincidence.

I think the best part of this dream is that I forgot about 'having to get married'. I am definitely visiting the dream analysis site.


Raechelle said...

I will prepare my disaster kit, just in case. Oddly enough, our staff gift this year was a mini-disaster kit. Red with a handle.

I refer to frequently. Sometimes it's helpful, sometimes it's crap. But we should never completely dismiss our dreams. They happen for a reason, right?

Heather said...

Somehow I didn't get notified of your comment--weird.

I did refer to and it wasn't good. I've got pent up issues apparently.

Hmmmm keeping things bottled up. Could it be that I'm becoming (gasp) English?