Thursday, 8 May 2008

I'm Feeling Loved

I came into work this morning to find the opening of my mail tray covered with four paper plates that said, 'FORTY' in huge block colourful letters and then underneath the FORTY it said 'Years of Magnificence' in smaller letters. I laughed and said thank you. I then went upstairs to my classroom and in the corridor on the wall next to my door was an arrow made entirely out of staff photos of me (it came from the school photos and they were ones that I despise) pointing to my door. My door was covered with those same paper plates and more of those same pictures. One of the characters on the study skills poster on my bulletin board had his face covered with mine. Then, I received a call from one of my colleagues who said that I needed to come to the staff room and cut my cake.

I went down and there were 3 cakes, doughnuts, scones, and cookies. There was also a bottle of lovely red wine and a card signed by all the staff. I cut my cake, said thank you, and after chatting a bit went back upstairs with a piece from each cake on a plate. It was almost time to start the school day. The moment I walked into the corridor, I was confronted with the entire grade 5 student body. They were on each side of the hallway creating a path for me that lead to my classroom door. As I walked through them, they all began to applaud and cheer. I almost cried.

The woman who runs a native Norwegian class in my room at lunch hour gave me a bottle of white wine and the parents from my home room sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers. I've also received 2 individual presents from colleagues, which I will open on Saturday-my real birthday. One of them is Aveda products. I can tell by the lovely smell.

I'm quite overwhelmed by all of this and certainly wasn't expecting it.

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