Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Aww Bless

Again days past without me doing this blogging thing. Busy, bank holiday weekend, you know the drill.

I did nothing on this bank holiday weekend-meaning that I didn't travel anywhere. I cleaned my house, scoured what needed scouring in preparation for Steve's arrival on Tuesday. I did go to an impromptu bbq at Chad and Gillian's and took some damn fun pics, which I will post on Facebook when I get a sec. (I still have pics from the Lamb 'Maybe its's Cus I'm a Londoner' party and some of the gang at Hart's on a nice sunny eve.) Then May took me out for a pre-birthday dinner at Balans on Monday. She's not going to make it to the big bash on Saturday.

Oh and speaking of sunny....Ta Dah! It's amazingly gorgeous and in the 20's (70's more or less). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this weather holds through the weekend.

Steve found his way to mine from the airport with very little difficulty and is wandering around Surbiton today. We've loads of charity shops here with some really nice stuff, so I'm sure he'll have purchased something new when I get back. (Oh yeah, I found the dress for my party at one. It's perfect.)

Today was a crap day at work, but I was given a handmade birthday card by three girls. One of them wrote the poem and the other two did the decorations. My birthday isn't until Saturday, but they all know I'm taking Friday and Monday off so they couldn't wait. The poem goes like this:

"A Happy Birthday to you
I bet you didn't have a clue
That you would get this birthday surprise
You might not believe your eyes
Even though you're getting old
But behold,
You're the best teacher ever
So that means you're really clever
So happy birthday again
So by now this must be a big pain
Now I'm gonna shut up
So you can get your coffee cup!"

We're studying poetry too, so kudos to these girls for coming up with this. This is a keeper.

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